Solving “Keynote JPEG Export Incorrect” Problem

By | January 3, 2017

When you try to export a keynote file as image whether you are exporting it to JPEG or JPG, PNG or TIFF in Mac operating system then you encounter exporting problem. Keynote file cannot be stretched so that is why you face such problem. Even when you try to convert a keynote file to be uploaded on a printing site such as Vistaprint. Then again you come across exporting problem and the file comes out pixelated and at much lower resolution when uploaded on a printing site. Regarding your problem, here are some help given to you to be followed while exporting keynote file as JPEG file.

A keynote file with an extension ‘.key’ is created by Apple’s “keynote” application. Keynote application forms a part of iWork office suite of Apple. This iWork office suite is similar to MS office in Windows operating system. iWork office suite run on Mac OS X and iOS operating system. It includes Numbers for spreadsheet and Pages for word processing. Keynote application is a professional presentation tool for mac OS and is used for presentation.

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On the other hand, JPEG stands for joint photographic expert group used for image compression and is a standard to save images, pictures or photos. JPEG is a most widely used file format on almost every operating system and by all photographic image capturing devices. It is also known as JPG.

Issues related to “Keynote JPEG Export Incorrect”

After creating a presentation using keynote application, you probably think of playing the slides of presentation on another operating system would be easy. However, soon you play your slides on different platform, your slides are not played because those platforms meant to accept only .ppt files. Even after changing the settings of other system, you are not able to run those keynote files.

Solution to problem “Keynote JPEG Export Incorrect”

If you are constantly facing problem while exporting keynote file as JPEG then go for automatic tool, Stellar Phoenix JPEG Repair. It is professional JPEG repair tool specifically designed for Mac OS. It has comprehensive and easy to use interface. It is compatible with old as well as latest version of Mac operating system.

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