How To Retrieve Damaged PSD files In A Few Clicks

By | September 7, 2018

PSD File format

Complete Overview about PSD file

PSD is known as a kind of image created or layered file which is commonly used in image editing application named Adobe Photoshop. It works as a standard file format which can be saved in form of .psd file extension. These days, it is commonly classified as an Adobe Photoshop Document file which consists images, videos, filters, several objects, texts and many others. Usually, this Photoshop file stores the different kinds of edited pictures including layers with masks, text, spot colours, transparency, clipping elements, duotone options and several editing options available in the application.

This new type of image editing format has lots of features but sometimes, your personal PSD image files are severely damaged due to unintentional formatting of storage media, mishandling of files and other frustrating reasons. On the other sides, you will notice that the image editing program or tool gets accidentally crashed and get often unresponsive due to virus attacks or other nasty circumstances.

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What are the common reasons for corruption of PSD files ?

There are the lists of several reasons which indicates that your valuable image files gets suddenly corrupted damaged. These reasons can result your personal data in file loss and and also render your file format in corruption problems. After corruption, when you attempt to access your stored PSD file then you will get a lot of suspicious errors and fake messages on the system screen.

  • When you attempt to edit and open installed Photoshop application without following appropriate steps that can cause program file corruption related issues.
  • While using any third party or unwanted tool with purpose to get back lost PSD files from your system then it can increase the chance of photo loss issues.
  • If you are compressing your vital PSD file format unintentionally then it will will destroy your files very badly.
  • Due to harmful malware infection that can make your file unreadable and useless for a long time.

What are the ultimate methods to recover damaged PSD files easily ?

Looks out the following manual procedures that allows you to recover deleted, damaged or lost PSD files. Some of the points are classified below :

Process 1. Retrieve files with using backup : Sometimes, you may detect your personal PSD images gets accidentally deleted due to accidental deletion, power failure or other annoying symptoms. In this case, you can utilize backup option which allows you to easily get back your lost image files. If you can attempt to store your backup files or data on the external removal drive then it’s good option for you. In other terms, you can use the specific backup application or tool that can freely create the additional backup files.

Process 2. Use the Open Recent tab in Adobe Photoshop :

In some cases, you will notice your Windows computer gets crashed unexpectedly by which your system is not working fine. Then, your installed Photoshop application is opened properly, you can easily restore your deleted PSD images from the recent tab option. To instant restore, move to File tab and then click on Open Recent that instantly find the relevant PSD files.

Process 3. Get Rid of PSD images with using temp files :

This is the secondary method that enables you to restore deleted PSD pictures suddenly turns into frequent crashing and corruption state. You will see that your Photoshop application isn’t running properly. So, if you want to restore the lost PSD pictures then must follow the below steps:

  • First of all, open your hard drive option
  • Click on ‘Documents and Settings’ tab.
  • Now, you need to search the folder which is labeled with your particular name and click on ‘Local Settings’ and then select the ‘Temp’ tab.
  • Look out the all files that are renamed with Photoshop extension name and then open it in Photoshop program.
  • After, modify the extension of file with other strange extension name, such as .temp to .psd and then finally save the all files at your desired location.

PSD Repair Tool : A best solution to retrieve damaged pictures with powerful PSD repair program

If you are facing any kind of issues related PSD corruption then no need to worry because here is a powerful repair tool named as PSD repair software. It is powered with lots of amazing features that helps in fixing huge amount PSD files that are damaged in several worst circumstances. It has advance functions, so it enables you to retrieve your lost image files from both internal and external hard drive running on all versions of Windows Operating Systems. It usually comes as a repair kit that has been specifically designed for graphical designers, photographers and other computer users who are working with PSD files. It is extremely powerful and reliable repair application that employs proprietary program to detect and analyze the files presents in your system’s main location. After then, it locates the numerous recoverable components and immediately extract them from the suspicious files and also preserving as a kind of genuine content. It is featured with highly intuitive and secure interface which is suitable for multiple versions of Windows OS platforms. Thus, don’t waste your single time and download the full version of PSD repair software which is available in both demo and activated versions.

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