Effective ways to Restore Deleted Webp images in a few seconds

By | September 13, 2018

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What is a WEBP File?

Webp is a standard image file format that is closely related to the VP8 format. This format is an open and free video compression format used mainly in connection with WebRTC and as a format for short cycle animations. Google announced it for the first time in 2010 as a new open standard with loss of compression for real color graphics on the web. A year later, the company added support for animation and increased the maximum size of WebP images. One year later, support for transparency was added without loss, and the first benchmarks showed a drastic reduction in file size compared to PNG.

In addition, this new type of image editing format has many features, but sometimes your personal Webp image files are severely damaged due to unintentional formatting of storage media, improper file handling and other frustrating reasons. On the other hand, you will notice that the program or image editing tool hangs accidentally and often does not respond due to malicious programs or other attacks of harmful viruses and other unpleasant circumstances.

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What are the common reasons for Webp file corruption?

There are lists of several reasons that indicate that your valuable image files are suddenly damaged. These reasons can cause your personal data to be lost in the file and can also generate corruption problems in its file format. After corruption, when you try to access the stored Webp file, you will get many suspicious errors and false messages on the system screen.

  • When you try to edit and open the installed Photoshop application without following the appropriate steps that can cause problems related to the corruption of the program file.
  • When using any third party or unwanted tool for the purpose of recovering lost Webp files from your system, then you can increase the possibility of photo loss problems.
  • If you are unintentionally compressing your vital Webp file format, it will destroy your files very badly.
  • Due to the harmful infection of malware that can make your file illegible and useless for a long time.
  • What are the best methods to recover damaged Webp files easily?

You must observe the following manual procedures that allow you to recover deleted, damaged or lost Webp files. Some of the points are classified below:

Step 1. Sometimes, you can detect that your personal Web images are accidentally deleted due to accidental deletion, a power outage or other annoying symptoms. In this case, you can use the backup option that allows you to easily recover your lost image files. In other words, you can use the application or the specific backup tool that can freely create the additional backup files.

Step 2. In some cases, you will notice that your Windows computer crashes unexpectedly and your system is not working properly.  To restore instantly, go to the File tab and then click Open Recent to instantly find the relevant Webp files.

Step 3. This is the secondary method that allows you to restore deleted Webp images suddenly becomes a state of blocking and frequent corruption. You will see that your Photoshop application is not running correctly. Therefore, if you want to restore lost Webp images, you must follow the steps below:

  • First of all, open your hard drive option
  • Click on the ‘Documents and configuration’ tab.
  • Now, you need to look in the folder that is labeled with your particular name and click on ‘Local Settings’ and then select the ‘Temp’ tab.
  • Observe all the files that are renamed with the name of the photoshop extension and then open it in the Photoshop program.
  • Then, modify the extension of the file with another strange extension name, such as .temp to .Webp and, finally, save all the files in the desired location.


Photo Recovery Application : A best solution to retrieve, erased or damaged pictures with powerful advance Photo Recovery tool

If you are facing any kind of issues related to Webp corruption then no need to worry because there is a powerful repair tool named as Photo Recovery software. It is powered with lots of amazing features that helps in fixing a huge amount of Webp files that are damaged in several worst circumstances. It has advanced functions, so it enables you to retrieve your lost image files from both internal and external hard drive running on all versions of Windows Operating Systems. It usually comes as a repair kit that has been specifically designed for graphical designers, photographers and other computer users who are working with Webp files. It is extremely powerful and reliable repair application that employs the proprietary program to detect and analyze the files presents in your system’s main location. After then, it locates the numerous recoverable components and immediately extract them from the suspicious files and also preserving as a kind of genuine content. It is featured with a highly intuitive and secure interface which is suitable for multiple versions of Windows OS platforms. Thus, don’t waste your single time and download the full version of Webp repair software which is available in both demo and activated versions.

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