How To Recover Deleted NEF files In A Simple Clicks

By | September 4, 2018

Is your personal NEF photos gets accidentally corrupted from Nikon camera ? Have you detected a series of error messages while transferring files from camera to computer ? Does these photo-deletion issues happens due to unintentional formatting or other virus attacks ? If you are looking for effective solution to get back your NEF files then don’t be worry. You need to read the following information that helps you in recovering your damaged photos or other data easily.

NEF File format

Brief Information About NEF File Format

As we all know that Nikon is one of the compact and stylish digital camera in today’s photography life. Nikon digital camera is gaining popularity because of their salient features and great efficiencies. This camera model uses RAW image format known as ‘NEF’ which is commonly used for storing pictures. It is abbreviated for Nikon Electronic Format. As the name implies that, this this special image file format is generally used in all reputed models of Nikon Digital camera which are highly demands in today’s digital world.

It is considered as a Nikon’s personal image file which is mainly used to store numerous image details and metadata information which is produced by camera’s image sensor. This kind of new image format is managed by professional photographers. It is commonly used to store all image information, so it’s totally different from JPEG and TIFF. Although, the highlight point about NEF format is, it has high image quality. So, it is not feasible with JPEG or JPG pictures. In addition, it can use minimum image compression technique. It can maintain both 12 bit and 14-bit file.

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What are the common causes for the accidental deletion of NEF photos from Nikon digital camera ?

There are the various causes or scenarios that are accountable for deletion or loss of NEF files from the camera. Let’s figure out the several reasons which are discussed below :

  • Capturing high-quality pictures when your camera’s battery level is very low.
  • Use of useless or pirated memory card on many portable devices.
  • While scanning camera’s SD card with using third party antivirus application. The outdated antivirus software can delete your vital NEF photos.
  • Shut down of camera improperly
  • Pressing ‘Delete All’ or ‘Erase All’ button by mistakenly that can result in corruption of camera’s photos
  • Due to presence of suspicious files and malware attacks that make your NEF images totally inaccessible for a certain duration.
  • Due to power shortage and disconnect your storage device like memory card from your camera when the transferring process is going on.
  • Accidental corruption of memory card can leave your camera’s files in invalid state.

How can you prevent the corruption of NEF photos from Nikon camera with using manual steps ?

Here are the lists of some precaution tips that helps you to prevent the loss of image files from your camera. Some of the points are listed below :

  • You must be alert while removing unreliable files from your device.
  • Do not try to open, rename or delete photos on camera’s SD card when your device is connect to a system with using USB cable.
  • Always keep backup of your important files or data that used in devices.
  • You must avoid to click high quality pictures and record videos when the battery level of your camera is very low.
  • You need to download and install genuine antivirus application that scans your camera’s memory card to detect and eliminate vicious files and viruses.
  • Do not try to take out the memory card from camera without reading eject messages.
  • You should not remove SD card or other external storage device during transferring files from camera to system.

How To Retrieve your Lost NEF files with using powerful Photo Recovery software ?

If you are facing deletion and loss of NEF images from the Nikon camera then no need to worry about it. Here is a best and amazing photo recovery tool which is mainly used to retrieve your deleted, damaged and missing NEF photos from Nikon cameras. It is extremely powerful and reliable recovery application which allows you to get back your lost photos from external hard drives, iPod devices, memory cards and other kinds of storage devices. This utility is programmed with sophisticated algorithm that supports instant recovery of RAM image files which are commonly used in Nikon cameras as well as other well-known models of digital cameras. It is featured with scan engine which can easily scan your NEF files and other numerous image formats used in portable devices. If you are using the trial or demo version of this software then you can only see the preview of all missing NEF photos before recovering. Thus, if you want to use all retrieved files for a long time, you need to buy its full activated version from other authentic portals.


Photo Recovery software : Steps to Recover deleted NEF photos from the camera with using this tool

In first step, you need to download and install Photo Recovery Software on your Windows system. Now, wait for a few minutes until the installation procedures gets finished.

  1. Click on the set up file and run the application. Now, you will notice the three options like Photos, Audio and Video that are listed at the left side of screen.
  2. Select Recover Photo or Video option and move to desired storage media where your the files gets corrupted.
  3. Click on any type of file which you want to recover and move your mouse cursor on ‘scan now’ option to initiate the scanning process.
  4. Now, wait until the scanning procedure gets completed. The application scans and shows the all external removal drives like memory card presents in your Nikon camera.
  5. As the scanning process is overed, then the all recoverable files are listed on the main screen. You will notice these all recovered files are previewed as a tree-view
    structure. So click on Recover option that allows you to get back and save your lost files at your specified location.
  6. Therefore, these all above steps helps you to get back your all lost and deleted NEF photos from the camera.


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