How To Recover Damaged or Corrupted TIFF Files In A Simple Clicks

By | August 27, 2018

Complete Overview of TIFF File Format

As we all know that TIFF is abbreviated for Tagged Image File Format, which is mainly used for handling various sizes of images and data within a single file. In these days, it is considered as a widely used and adaptable file format which is commonly used in all models of digital camera, smart phones, iPod devices as well as computer machines.

This type of flexible image format that usually comes with amazing quality. The size of this file format is very short than other image file. In addition, it has great usability, so it supports different color modes that includes CMYK, RAW, YcbCr, CCITT3 and many others. The usually comes in .tiff extension, so you can easily save your TIFF related pictures in .tiff extension which is very short in name. It is one of the flexible file format which is compatible with data up to 48 bits and also uses several compression algorithms such as JPEG, ZIP, G3, LZW and so others. In today’s internet world, there are lots of image editing applications that can easily support numerous forms of TIFF files.

What are the worst scenarios for the damaging or corruption of TIFF files ?

Here are the lists of worst circumstances that leads your TIFF files in data-loss situations. Some of the headings are mentioned below:

Deletion of files by pressing wrong key : When you turn on your digital camera, smart phone or any type of electronic gadget then your images related TIFF format gets suddenly disappeared. Actually, when you accidentally press Shift + Del or any wrong key then your all files got damaged very very badly.

Mishandling of devices : If you use your camera or any kind of device in wrong or decent way, your stored pictures gets brutally destroyed. So, you need to use your electronic device in proper way otherwise it can increase the chance of losing of TIFF files and also leads them in disastrous situation.

Interruption occurs in transfer process : In some ways, when you attempt to transfer your important TIFF photos from electronic device like camera to system then it
may lead to file loss issues. If you shut down your system unintentionally then your all files got suddenly corrupted.

Use of Empty Recycle bin option : When you try to delete the unnecessary files from Recycle folder with using ‘Empty Recycle bin’ then your all TIFF-related files gets deleted permanently. After using this option, you cannot restore your image files and access them in your system.

Formatting the storage media improperly : If you format the drive or storage media without following proper steps, then the all TIFF pictures stored in device’s
internal memory gets suddenly damaged and lost.

Take out the SD card or Pen Drive incorrectly : As you know that, memory cards are primary sources to store images in Digital cameras or any electronic devices. In some cases, if you use your SD card carelessly and other major events including ejection from device improperly, pull out forcefully, automatic unmounted that can delete or damage your vital TIFF photos.

Due to malicious program or suspicious virus attacks : When the amount of storage space in SD cards gets full and insufficient then you cannot transfer your valuable files from camera to system. The full of storage capacity states that your memory card cannot readable because your card’s extra space gets filled with suspicious virus or infections. Due to existence of vicious threat or malicious programs, your storage media gets failed to store your TIFF files.

Moreover, all the above scenarios are responsible for accidental deletion and corruption of TIFF files. In simple terms, your valuable images can suddenly damaged due to file header corruption, fake files download, unknown card reader and many others. In such situations, you have to utilize Photo Recovery software which is a good and efficient option for you. This effective utility will facilitate you to retrieve your all genuine TIFF images and also solves in fixing data-loss issues.

How To Prevent Corruption of TIFF files with using manual steps ?

In such unpleasant situations, if you faces such harmful file-loss scenarios then you need to instantly deal with it with using manual guidelines. In first phase, you need to stop the use of storage media for storage capacity. Overwriting is a main issue that can block the vacant space in storage media and also decreases the chances of file-recovery. If you are looking for simple solution to prevent damaged TIFF files and access your lost files, you can follow these below manual steps :

  • Taking out of memory card is a worst data-loss scenario which might induce accidental deletion or corruption in TIFF files. Thus, if you want to avoid this irrelevant scenario then firstly you must check that your storage media like SD card is inserted to electronic device in proper way otherwise you can not access your images stored in device’s memory card.
  • If your device’s internal memory and other hard disk in in bad or intrusive sector, without making any delay you need to use third party utility named as CHKDSK that helps to fix the infected disks.
  • In some cases, if your valuable TIFF files are severely damaged then you need to restore the recent copy of files with using updated backup option.
  • In next point, when the storage space of memory card i.e, SD card gets full then you firstly you need to eject it from your camera or other portable device properly. In simple words, taking out the SD card from camera or any device is a major issue that can damage your TIFF files stored on device’s internal storage.
  • In some cases, if you transfer or move your photos or media files from storage media to computer machine without reading appropriate steps, your all vital files leads in severe corruption issues. Then, firstly you need to check that your system is completely free from virus infections or harmful programs. Well, if you wants to stay away from such annoying consequences and scenarios then don’t waste your time and just install full registered version of antivirus application on your system and scan your precious photos with using it.

How To Retrieve your TIFF images with powerful Photo Recovery Software ?

These days, if you eject out the SD card from camera or other devices in decent manner then you lose your important TIFF photos or other types of media files. If you wants to prevent such frustrating or random scenarios then first of all you have to follow safety and protective measure. In this case, Photo Recovery Software is a best and effective choice for you because it helps in recovering your lost or deleted TIFF photos from data-loss scenarios. It is programmed with sophisticated and powerful scan algorithm mainly used to scan your deleted, lost and formatted pictures. It is also known as media recovery application which is equipped with specific feature known as ‘Search Filter’ which supports ExFAT, NTFS and other file systems and also supports instance recovery process. In such ways, you can try this photo recovery utility with purpose of retrieving your TIFF pictures from numerous sources like removal media, flash drives, internal or external hard drives and other optical media. The team of security experts have reported that this advance application offers lots of amazing features such as simple and instant recovery approach, preview of recoverable files and also creates unique image option. Like other proficient tools, it uses fast, secure and user-friendly interface, so it compatibles with multiple versions of Mac as well as Windows systems.



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