How To Recover Damaged or Deleted NRW files In A Few Seconds

By | September 6, 2018

NRW file

A brief summary about NRW file format

In today’s photography scenario, there are numerous series of Nikon cameras that uses NRW format as a primary image file. As we all know that Nikon is one of the famous, adorable and stylish model which uses NRW file format as a RAW image file. As these RAW images are directly extracted from the image sensor of camera, that is to say they have not been compressed, so they are most suitable for image conversion, editing, etc. However, if the user wants to edit pictures of these formats, they need to use the tools provided by the corresponding manufacturers. In addition, since there is no compression technique, so these related images usually occupies a large amount of storage space. In simple terms, NRW files are RAW photos generally defined by Nikon.

Lets look out the real reasons of NRW Photo loss issues

Here are the several lists that are accountable for the accidental deletio of RAW NRW image files. Some of the common reasons that are listed below :

  • Accidental deletion is a common reason which can lead your all vital photos in perilous situation. Your all important camera’s photos gets accidentally deleted by pressing Delete All key. Then, you can’t view your stored photos in your camera.
  • When you attempt to insert the storage media like SD card to open any file, suddenly you notices lots of error notifications such as Card could not recognized, Memory card is not formatted on the main screen. These error messages states that your camera’s memory card gets suddenly corrupted and then files stored on SD card entirely useless.
  • Suspicious virus infection is most frustrating scenario which occurs in your devices as a junk file. The malware attack issue cannot allow you to access your memory card and then lead your storage media in inaccessible state.
  • When you use Nikon camera or any portable device in a random way.
  • Your all necessary NRW image files gets entirely unusable when the Read or Write process is running in devices. This Read process gets suddenly disrupted when you take out the memory card from your camera without following eject notice.
  • Sometimes, your storage device like SD card is in high-risky situation due to bad or intrusive sectors. These days, worst sectors are brutally occurring on the card due to power outage or hardware failure issues.
  • When you try to click stunning or high-quality pictures in camera’s low battery. If you do not follow your camera’s battery life alerts then your all captured images gets automatically disappeared and gets inaccessible.
  • When you shut down your computer machine unintentionally. The improper shut down can slow the image transferring process, so that your memory card are not accessible for a long time.


How To Recover Deleted/lost NRW image files with Photo Recovery Software ?

In such situations, if you are facing the NRW image loss problem every time then no need to use your updated backup that can help you to retrieve your lost image files. But as usual, the back up process is not capable to recover your precious image files completely. So, if your backup option doesn’t work freely then no need to worry because here is a best and effective Photo Recovery tool which is specially designed to get back your lost NEF pictures of your camera from several locations that includes memory cards, flash drives and other external removal drives. It is extremely safe, easy and proficient application which allows you to get back your damaged, lost, missing, erased or corrupted NRW image files from your digital camera. This tool is featured with advance scan algorithm through which it can scan your camera’s memory card and successfully recovers lost images in their original format. This powerful software uses user-friendly and secure interface, so it easily compatibles with numerous versions of Windows OS platforms.

Methods to Get back your lost NRW files with using the software

There are the several steps that helps you to get back your deleted or lost NRW files from your camera. Some of the points are mentioned below :

  • Step 1. First of all, download Photo Recovery tool from camera’s official sites and install it on your Windows PC. Wait for a few seconds until the installation process is finished.
  • Step 2. In next step, when the installation process is finished then connect the storage media like camera to your PC using USB cable and click on Recover Photos option from the main screen.
  • Step 3. Check the location from where your images gets corrupted. After, select the desired storage media to begin scan and then move your mouse pointer on ‘Scan Now’ button. If you wish to customize the recover procedure then you can click on ‘Advance Scan’.
  • Step 4. If you click on Advance scan option then it facilitates you to scan from the file lists that are listed at the left pane of screen. This option decreases the scanning time.
  • Step 5. Click on ‘Scan Now ‘ button of the application that will identify the scanning process. After completion of scanning process, the all recovered image files are classified in a tree structure view presents on the left pane of the panel.
  • Step 6. Once the scanning process is completed, you can check the preview of recovered items related with NRW files and then move to Recover option that helps to save your data on your system.
  • Step 7. In last step, you need to select your specified location and click on save option to save your rescued files.

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