Office Excel to Image Jpg/Jpeg Converter

By | February 14, 2017

Office Excel to Image Jpg/Jpeg Converter, an application that comes with a pretty self explanatory title. Office Excel to Image Jpg/Jpeg Converter helps you to convert spreadsheet or diagrams into more friendly and dynamic format like jpeg/ jpg because excel sheets are hard to distribute and the only way to make them more dynamic is to convert them in another format. And so converting excel into jpeg/jpg is best choice for conversion of excel. office Excel to Image Jpg/Jpeg Converter produces complete functional image documents with text, images, graphic, etc indulging original excel formatting.

This converter can create popular image formats such as JPEG/JPG, TIF,GIF, PNG, TGA and so on from dozens of documents of excel like xls, xlsx, xlsm retaining its original content and format. Conversion can be carried out in batches in order to improve work efficiency. This converter is capable of simultaneous conversion of comprehensive files into one certain format.

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The jpeg/jpg files are very easy to be viewed from any web browser thus making the conversion of excel to jpeg/jpg more advantageous. Therefore, excel data and diagrams now become available to be viewed and shared by interested parties in few minutes.

Unique characteristics of Office Excel to Image Jpg/Jpeg Converter :

  • The interface is quite plain and easy to work on. Documents can be imported with convenience using the file browser only.
  • In the list of files to be converted, it allows you to check out the name, source path, size and file type so that you can specify the desired destination and format.
  • It also facilitates users by displaying error information in the conversion, removing an item from the list, clear the entire queue, change language, etcetera.
  • This converter consumes considerably moderate amount of system resources, completes its task very fast, moreover it does not freeze, crash and pop-up errors during the tests. The text layout has been preserved at a very good quality.
  • Drag and drop files and batch conversion option is available for ease.
  • You can choose entire folder for conversion at a time.
  • Intelligent processing of relatively large files.
  • It is very easy to use and convert the files at just one click.
  • You can save imported file list, produces images with good quality, conversion is at very high speed.
  • Office Excel to Image Jpg/Jpeg Converter provides automatic view of output files after conversion.

Platforms: Windows 7, Windows 95/98/ME, Windows NT/2000, Windows NT/2000/2003/SBS2003, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows CE

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