How To Solve A Problem “Can’t Group RAW and JPEG Files”

By | December 30, 2016

A RAW image file contains minimally processed data from the image sensor of digital devices like digital camera, image scanner and motion picture film scanner. Basically, RAW file preserves most of the information from camera like sharpness, color and contrast without processing and compressing the image. Sometimes, RAW image files are called as digital negatives because they play same role as negatives do in film photography.

For printing and sharing purpose, it is required to convert RAW file into JPEG file format for ease. Where JPEG stands for joint photography expert group which is standard for storing and compressing digital images. JPEG is mostly used by digital cameras to store images.

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However, there is only a little difference between RAW and JPEG file. Raw file contains unprocessed, undeveloped and uncompressed data from the digital camera or any scanner. So if you want to shoot in RAW form with the help of a camera then it is only the camera who knows the information collected by sensors that captures picture. On the other, JPEG is an image file format commonly used by digital devices. This file format compresses and processes the data captured by device. In fact, the images are compressed and processed based on the settings made by you. JPEG images can be easily opened and viewed on computers. You can easily set the compression level to maintain the quality of JPEG files.

How to group RAW and JPEG files

Some of you have tried to group RAW and JPEG files together. But you may have failed in this and grouping two images format displays both as separate images. So, here is a solution to your problem. Follow the steps to do that –

  • First, try to open image in edit mode.
  • Then only you will be able to switch to RAW version under Image menu as the original file.
  • The option present in Edit mode are ‘Use RAW as original’, ‘Use JPEG as original’ and ‘Reprocess Raw’.

If the steps provided are not satisfactory for you or has not proven useful for you then you could group RAW images to JPEG images with the use of a software called Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery. This software deals with all types of JPEG related issues.

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