How to recover/repair JPEG file with error “The File format is not supported”

By | November 23, 2016

“The File format is not supported” is an error message that generally occurs when you try to open a JPEG/jpg file with different image viewer/editor programs or on different Operating Systems. It also happen in case of using different browser in place of default. This JPEG error is capable to invade cross platform, that’s mean to say, such error may generate either on Windows (mostly), Mac or iOS. Most of the JPEG user are facing such error and they always opt for automatic JPEG recovery/repair software and use Stellar Phoenix JPEG Recovery/Repair Software.

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What are the reasons behind JPEG error “The File format is not supported”?

There might be many unstable reason behind JPEG error “The File format is not supported”. Following are the reasons:

  • JPEG/jpg file was downloaded/created with older version but user is trying to open with newer one
  • Version issue of programs/OS/browsers
  • Such error occurs in case of non-default image viewer/editor program
  • Accidental removal of .jpeg/.jpg extensions
  • Mismatched resolution is one the prominent cause

How to recover/repair JPEG file with error “The File format is not supported”?

If you want to resolve your JPEG error “The File format is not supported”, just change format or file type and verify. Although there are variety of formats allowed for digital pictures but most of them use JPEG format. If your stored picture/image file doesn’t have .jpeg/.jpg extension then just make a copy of such picture file and allot .jpeg/.jpg extension to them. You can save a copy of your existing JPEG file in a different format or you can save a copy of picture/image/photo in a different format but your original file will not be replaced. I think the above tricks will certainly work, otherwise notify me. Another method is to check the association of file within control panel under default programs. Make sure that your dedicated JPEG file has default programs to view or edit.

After all if the above asked manual methods do not works then, we strongly recommend you to use any authentic and lite weight JPEG/jpg Recovery/Repair Tool like Stellar Phoenix JPEG Recovery Software which has cross platform capability i.e. Windows, Mac or iOS.

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