How To recover Lost Or Deleted JPEG Files From Android Phone

By | January 30, 2017

JPEG Recovery Software for android phone is a helpful tool that recovers deleted or lost data including photos, songs, music, videos, movies and other multimedia files from android smart phone or tablet. Pictures that are stored on your SD card or internal memory get accidentally deleted are retrievable with this software.

Nowadays, more and more people are using android based smart phones because of the cameras to capture every special, beautiful and memorable moment of life. And so smart phones are best suited for this purpose and is very easy to carry everywhere. And these photos are saved with the file extension ‘.jpeg’ or ‘.jpg’. JPEG is a standard file format used to store images and compress images. This standard is widely used for saving pictures and images. Most of the smart phones are based on android OS and these smart phones use jpeg format to save images.

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How photos are deleted from Android phones

When you take and save photos, there is great possibility of losing these photos. Some situations may arise where you happen to lose your precious photos and images. There are many factors that can result in loss of photos from android phones either due to damaged phone or damaged image such as.

  • Broken smart phone.
  • Water damaged phone.
  • Forget lockscreen password.
  • Black screen of phone.
  • Cannot enable USB debugging.
  • Cannot enter OS system.
  • Broken storage media.
  • Formatting of device.
  • Accidental deletion.

JPEG Recovery For Android Phone

Nevertheless, whatsoever may be the reason behind photo loss, they can be recovered back by relying on a trustful photo recovery software. There are plenty of efficient software that can perform photo recovery but one good application is Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery for Android. This is a right choice to recover deleted photos from android phones as well as tablets. It can easily retrieve photos of all file types like JPG, JPEG, GIF, TIFF, PNG etc from android phone’s storage memory.

Some brilliant characteristics of Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery for Android

  • Enables recovery of lost or deleted jpeg images from external and internal media of android devices.
  • Secured recovery of phone’s contacts and messages.
  • Provide preview of recovered jpeg files.
  • Facilitates sharing of recovered pictures.

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