How To Recover JPEG Or JPG On Windows 10

By | January 23, 2017

Windows 10 is the latest version of Windows operating system by Microsoft. Windows 10 has some advanced features as well as completely new user interface with some extra options and a new look. Windows 10 enables its users to perform operations with much ease. You can perform multiple operations simultaneously without any hindrance. It has excellent speed and performance. With this, computer users are installing Windows 10 on their desktop or laptop.

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Jpeg or jpg is the most common image file format used to store pictures or photographs these days. It has one specific advantage that it takes less volume to store any image data. This is the reason that it is getting more popular these days. Windows 10 also support this format for saving images. However, there might be several scenarios where you would lose important photos from Windows 10. You store thousands of photos on your desktop so as to remember your beautiful moments of life but one day you lose them because of some problem or error.

Factors for JPEG or JPG file loss On Windows 10

A number of factors can be responsible for jpeg image loss. One of them is when you are upgrading your older windows version with Windows 10 then you could face data loss. Installation of windows version without any backup of data results in deletion of data like images, music, videos and all things stored on computer. Interface of Windows 10 is typically different from Windows 7 so switching from one platform to another can make it difficult for users to handle and as a result they may end up with deletion of some of their important photos and other data. Other factors resulting in data loss –

  • Emptying Recycle Bin or Trash after deleting photos from the folder.
  • Accidental deletion on clicking wrong button or option.
  • Virus infection.
  • Difficulty in handling new interface can result in jpeg or jpg file loss.

Recovery of JPEG or JPG on Windows 10

In order to recover your jpeg or jpg files on Windows 10, you need to get a jpeg recovery software. Hence, Stellar Phoenix JPEG Repair is right tool what you exactly need. It is a simple yet powerful repairing tool which can help you solve JPEG problems.

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