How to Recover Deleted GIF Images From Device

By | April 26, 2018

GIF is short for Graphics Interchange Format. It is best to file format for creating Animated images on the web. You may have collected the number of GIF images downloaded from the Internet and stored on the system. Sometimes, the GIF files get corrupted or deleted from the system. Let’s discuss the reasons behind the corruption or deletion of these files.

GIF Images

Causes For the Deletion or Corruption of GIF Images

There are various reasons due to which the GIF images can get damage. Some of them are given below:

  • Transfer Interruption: while transferring GIF files to the other device from the system may lead to files loss if usual shut down occurs during installation.
  • Mishandling of devices: The device like the camera which stored pictures are handled properly. Otherwise, there is a high chance of losing GIF files from the camera.
  • Drive Format: If the drive on the computer is accidentally format then all the GIF file which is stored on the drive also deleted.
  • Empty Recycle Bin: If you delete all the files from the Recycle Bin using “Empty Recycle Bin” option without checking its content. Then all the data from the recycle bin is deleted along with GIF files.
  • Malicious malware or virus attack: if your system is infected with malicious virus then it will cause data loss.

All the above causes are the prime reasons for the deletion of GIF files. The GIF files may also lose due to card corruption, faulty card reader and so on. Whatever may be reasons, The Photo Recovery software will help you to recover delete GIF files in just a few minutes.

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About Photo Recovery software

Photo Recovery software is best and advance solution to get delete GIF files back. This software supports a recovery of different file format from memory card, Hard drive, and other storage devices. It can recover password protected data. It is easy to use for novice users. The best part of this software is that it cannot compromise with the quality of the files. If you lost GIF files then download the Trial version of this software

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