How to Recover BMP Images From SD card

By | April 26, 2018

Bitmap images are commonly known as BMP files. This is a very common picture file format for compatibility with most devices. It is very light weighted, easy to transfer and upload on the web. BMP files are not compressed that why they are large. The main benefit of BMP file is the simplicity and wide acceptance of Windows programs. Sometimes, there is a chance to delete or corrupts Files accidentally.

Common Reasons for the corruption or deletion of BMP File

There are various reasons due to which your memorable BMP photos get corrupts or deleted from SD card. Some of the common reasons are discussed below:

  • Due to malicious malware or virus attack
  • Due to storage media corrupts, the files become inaccessible
  • Mishandling of the device
  • Accidentally pressing “Delete All” or “Shift+Del” button.
  • Unusual shut down of a device while read/write operation

All the above-mentioned reason are the main cause of BMP photos loss. Recovering files is one of the major problems faced by the users. If you have a backup of all the photos then it is not a big problem for you. But if you have not the back up then don’t worry, it is also possible to recover those files without backup. It is only possible with  Photo recovery software

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 Photo recovery software

Photo recovery software is the best solution to recover BMP files. It is an advanced professional tool. It is effective and can able to recover lost or delete data easily. It can easily recover lost photos, videos, and others from various devices. It can fix corrupts Photos recovered from corrupts storage media. It can repair multiple files simultaneously. It extracts thumbnails of severely damaged files. It is compatible with all the versions of the Windows Operating system such as 7/8/8.1/10 etc. If you want to recover BMP files then download its trial version. But the trial version has some limitation. It only shows the preview of recovered files. It does not allow to save them. If you want to save the recover files then buy it complete version.

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