How to fix JPEG error “This is not a valid Portable Document File (PDF) document. It cannot be opened.”?

By | December 2, 2016

What is JPEG error “This is not a valid Portable Document File(PDF) document. It cannot be opened.”?

The titled JPEG error message is nothing but one of the kind of PDF to JPEG conversion error that occurs while we try to open JPEG file with .pdf format image file. This happens whenever you mistakenly change the extension of related files or the cause may be different. It happens mostly in case of Adobe Photoshop usage for editing PDF file as this particular program is able to generate .pdf formated file. Such error pops on window screen with each and every action of user. Although it is strange to know that such error is not related to any direct processing of PDF files, instead it occurs undesirably when user want to view or edit the JPEG file. This is very common in Mac OS and common in Windows 7, 8 and 10 with specific edition.

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What are the reasons behind JPEG error “This is not a valid…………… (PDF) document. It cannot be opened.”?

Following are the probable cause of the JPEG error “…………….valid……(PDF) document. It cannot be opened.”:

  • There might be problem with PSE launching
  • There might be any short of version issue either with OS or PSE
  • Setting might be changed or altered accidentally.
  • User is not using the correct warning dialog settings with default configuration.
  • Use of faulty disk containing Photoshop edition software
  • Old version of Photoshop or not updated

How to fix the JPEG error “This is not a valid Portable Document File(PDF) document. It cannot be opened.”?

Solution to this particular JPEG error i.e. “This is not a valid Portable Document File(PDF) document. It cannot be opened.” is not so far difficult but it’s mandatory to use any trusted and quality product of JPEG Repair/Recovery Tools like as Stellar JPEG Repair/Recovery Software. You can try some manual tricks too if you have proper knowledge of computer fundamental and deep skills of application software. You may prefer to choose update option to make your OS and image editor programs up to date. You may try to apply the default setting to each file system. Look if your folder containing JPEG image file is properly located as before and their extension is correct or not. Besides this you try to replace your current image editor program with new one or re-installation. Try to clean the catch memory and temp files from your system. Now, even completing all the above mentioned tricks, you are still getting such error then it is recommended to use Stellar JPEG Repair/Recovery Software which has following key features:

  • Stellar is well known name for professional JPEG repair tool in the Global market
  • Repairs the file with bit-wise operation
  • Maintains the original look and feel of JPEG file
  • Compatible with all versions of Windows or Mac System
  • Redesigned features and advanced technology with excellent team of programmer and market analyzer
  • Almost Free Trial Version is available

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