How to fix JPEG error: Invalid value for registry?

By | December 1, 2016

What is JPEG ‘Invalid value for registry’?

JPEG ‘Invalid value for registry’ is one which mostly targets Windows OS and Mac OS too but with lesser issues. This type of error is related to corrupted registry of OS or any dedicated image viewer programs or editor programs. This is seen mostly in case of upgrading Windows 7/8 or 8.1 to Windows 10. It is obvious that registry keeps instructions of all programs and guides the computer throughout all computational process.

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What are the probable cause of JPEG Invalid value for registry?

There are many such causes which can stuck you through registry error but in this particular JPEG error there’s only the chance of registry corruption due to any unavoidable circumstances. As seen earlier Windows version modification to Windows 10 is the most wanted and hit listed cause behind such JPEG error. Other is, suppose you have updated your apps in Windows but the registry entries of the previous version remains intact which can create problems like this.

How to fix the JPEG error ‘Invalid value for registry’?

Yes, it is now possible to fix JPEG/jpg registry errors in a few steps. You can go for manual steps but that will not provide you the full solution to such above problems. According to the recently arrived case related to Windows 10, it is said that when we tried to open JPEG formated image with Photoshop, it reflects the following error message:

” Invalid value for registry”

On behalf of all the above research, you are not recommended to take any manual process to edit or open or change registry settings unless you are absolutely sure about the core issue. The safest way of fixing such error is to use JPEG photo recovery/repair tool like Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery software for Windows/Mac. Apart from this you may try following tricks to revert your registry change:

  • Try to reinstall the problematic programs
  • Try to restore the Windows settings including files and folder to its workable time period
  • Try to delete the old registry entries if you can.
  • I know that most of the default programs will not be removed easily, for that you have to use PowerShell
  • Always keep remember that this type of JPEG error is not related to file format issue.

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