Effective Guidelines To Get Back Deleted/Erased ORF Image Files Permanently

By | September 26, 2018

Hey there, have you deleted your valuable ORF images on your Olympus digital camera ? Have you noticed a number of fake error notifications or alerts while accessing photos on the camera ? Does the photo-corruption issues occurs every time while pressing Delete All/Shift All button on device, improper using of camera, spyware
attacks or other worst factors ? If your queries are positive, no need to get panic because you are at right position. Here, you need to focus on the following information that helps to recover deleted/lost ORF files from your camera.

ORF File

Complete Information about ORF File format

ORG is recognized as a kind of image file format which can be used in digital camera devices. It usually acts as RAW image file that can be supported by Olympus digital camera. These related files are just similar to NEF file that can be used in Nikon digital cameras. In most ways, it enables novice users as well as professional photographers to store lots of picture details that are captured by a camera’s sensor. In simple terms, ORF is known as an image container format which is specially designed with motive to store headers that is capable of holding numerous metadata details including saturation, color temperature, contrast and many others that are mainly captured by the Olympus brand camera.

What are the severe reasons indicates that why your ORF files gets corrupted/damaged ?

Here are the lists of several symptoms states that why your ORF image files gets damaged or lost from the camera. Some of the scenarios are mentioned below :

  • When you attempt to capture high-quality pictures in camera’s low-battery.
  • Taking a huge amount of pictures and saved them in unidentified format in the memory card of device.
  • The attacks of viruses, spyware and other suspicious files can damage your valuable ORF files and also make them totally inaccessible.
  • Deletion of saved ORF files improperly that are stored in camera’s internal memory.
  • Pressing Delete All or Shift key is the common issue that can prone to corruption of photos on digital camera that includes RAW pictures and so others.
  • While taking out the memory card from the camera without selecting eject message, after removing all saved files are accidentally corrupted and lost due to other perilous circumstances.
  • Unintentional turn off the camera that can harm all ORF files and make them unusable for a long time.
  • While formatting the storage media like SD card on digital camera or system improperly that can cause accidental deletion of vital images saved on memory card.
  • Olympus camera SD card may have got corrupted or physically damaged due to virus or malware infection
  • Shooting photos from your Olympus camera even when it display low battery warning message
  • If you try to open ORF RAW image directly on your PC and if your PC does not have Photoshop then it will turn the image unreadable
  • Using the same Olympus digital camera card on multiple devices can also lead to corruption of photos

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What is the simple and perfect solution to get back deleted or lost ORF files with using Photo Recovery software ?

These days, when you are using any version of Olympus digital camera then suddenly you faces a lot of photo-deletion or corruption problems. For instance, pressing Shift All or Delete All button in camera wrongly, formatting the storage media and other worst factors through which your all important ORF files gets corrupted very badly. So, to prevents the ORF file loss issues, you need to download powerful Photo Recovery Software or application which is highly capable to restore lost images and other several types of digital files. It is a comprehensive and smart tool which deeply scans your lost image files by generating advance scan engine.

Common prevention tips to avoid the ORF file loss problems

  • You have to maintain valid or updated backup option of the image files
  • Turn off the system in proper way.
  • Always use the genuine and full registered version of anti-malware application.
  • You need to update the firewall security of the computer that helps to decrease the attacks of viruses, spyware and so others.
  • Do not try to share or transfer any type of file or data on the unrecognized network.

Easy And Simple Steps To Use the Photo Recovery application

Step 1. As usual, download and install the photo recovery application on your system. Now, connect your storage media like SD card of Olympus digital camera and click on ORF photo recovery option.

Step 2. Click on Recover photos option from the main screen and follow the all instructions. Select the the type of memory card from where your image files gets deleted or lost.

Step 3. Once the storage drive gets selected, choose the type of images that are associated with ORF format. Just find your drive and choose the file format which you want to restore.

Step 4. Well, when your all files are selected, click on Recover button to initiate recovering process. You will notice that the file recovering process in running.

Step 5. When the progress of recover gets over, click on extract option that allows you to retrieve your all lost files and also save them on the specified location. You can save the reports in which you can check the file details.

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