Free Or Freeware JPEG Or JPG Repair Software

By | January 25, 2017

What is JPEG?

JPEG is an abbreviation of joint photographic expert group. Sometimes, it is also known as jpg. JPEG is most common and widely used method for image compression. This standard image compression allow you to adjust the degree of compression through a selectable trade off between storage size and image quality. It achieves a compression ratio with little loss in image quality. Meanwhile, jpeg is used for storing images and transmitting it on internet as well.

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Most of the photo capturing digital devices like digital camera, smart phones, etc use this file format. JPEG format has an advantage that it takes very less storage space so that more images can be stored easily instead of few images. This image file format gives realistic scenes with smooth variations of tone and color in the images. The file extensions for this format are .jpeg, or .jpeg. However, .jpg is most common format on all platforms.

Factors causing damage to JPEG image file

JPEG file corruption is very common problem. When it takes place, the image becomes inaccessible and completely unreadable. Most frequent causes for jpeg file damage are –

  • Broken or corrupted jpeg header file.
  • Any virus or malware has infected.
  • Storage media like memory card, hard drive, etc has bad sectors.
  • Due to damage of master boot record (MBR).
  • Improper editing of the structure or encoding of the image.
  • Any hardware or software issue.

Freeware JPEG Or JPG Repair Software

Stellar JPEG Repair software is a easy recovery solution which is also freely available. It is specially designed for jpeg recovery. It is expertized in repairing all kinds of photos related issues like damage jpeg, corrupt jpeg and lost or deleted jpeg. A free jpeg repair software enables you to repair all data loss problems occurring due to a variety of reasons. A free jpeg repairing software works well with dynamic disk, RAID and EXT2 or EXT3 file system. Free recovery means that it can recover your jpeg photos for free. In comparison to other jpeg recovery software, Stellar JPEG Recovery software is more powerful and easy to use.

  • Repairs multiple jpeg files at a time.
  • Extract and repairs thumbnails of jpeg file.
  • Shows preview of recovered jpeg files before saving it.

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