Fix error “JPG files not opening on MAC but accessible with Windows”

By | December 27, 2016

JPG stands for Joint Photographic Experts Group is a most common picture file format. JPG file format is widely used on internet these days. It is best suited for those images which are small in size. This is the right format for such type of files which are generally used in websites and emails. Images are compressed to 1/10 of the size to make it smaller in size so that user can store it in little space. However, image compression makes it to loose its quality.

Mac and Windows are two operating system used by many people. Most widely used operating system is Windows and most of the applications are more compatible with windows rather than Mac OS. Same case is with JPG file format which is hardly supported by Mac OS but is easily accessible on Windows operating systems irrespective of any version. Many users have found that JPG format cannot be opened on Mac operating system so they are unable to access any picture because most of the pictures available on internet are in JPG format.

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Reasons for inaccessing of JPG format

There are some possibilities that why users can’t access JPF file format on Mac OS.

  • Corrupted image – files get corrupted when some of the bits compromising image are lost or missing.
  • Deleted files but still you are trying to open its shortcut.
  • Due to virus infection.
  • Unable to read JPG header.
  • Damaged JPG header.
  • Downloaded an already corrupted JPG file.

How to fix this problem for Mac users

There is always a solution for any type of errors occurring in operating system irrespective of its platform. Whether it be Windows OS, Mac OS or any other operating system. But in case of inaccessibility of JPG file in Mac OS, you can perform manual method to heal this but that will not be very effective. Hence, it would better that you must download Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery (Mac). This software has some influencing characteristics.

  • It is a professional software so it can repair corrupt photos and images in ‘.jpg’ or ‘.jpeg’ quickly.
  • It has easy to use interface with many comprehensive options.
  • Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery (Mac) can repair multiple image files using batch processing.

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