File contains error while opening or viewing JPEG/JPG files

By | November 18, 2016

What is “File contains error” for JPEG/JPG files?

”File contains error” is a simplified and very common jpeg/jpg file error which is mainly seen in Windows or Mac system. We know that .jpeg or .jpg image file format is widely used and like many other file format, JPEG files may corrupt or damage due some circumstances that can stuck as in such case you can not access your JPEG/JPG image/photo. Whatever and whichever the program is used by you to open or access JPEG image like Windows picture and fax viewer, you might encounter ”File contains error”. This is not the case of any single file but the case of whole files on your system which are gone inaccessible.

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What are the reasons behind “File contains error” in JPEG?

”File contains error” is very easy to diagnose but very tough to recover/repair. Whenever your internal memory of your system overloaded then file overwritten or compression or corruption cases occurs. Once your JPEG/JPG file corrupts, you will continue to receive such error message like ”File contains error”. Apart from it if you are trying to open your file on any web browser like Internet Explorer or any other image editing tool like Adobe Photoshop, Paint Brush or other, you may get such JPEG/JPG error. This error message will also be thrown if any different type of image editor or viewer program is used in place of regular. In this case virus attack might be the one of causes which damages and consumes your source file. This may happen in case of missing JPEG/JPG file header, improper shutting processes of computer, incomplete transfer or retrieval of photo or switching the camera during reading or write process. Finally, you may get such error in case, if your image editor or viewer programs have been destroyed by any cause.

How to recover or repair the JPEG/JPG file with “File contains error”?

“File contains error” type jpeg/jpg error can easy be restored, recover or repair by using Stellar Phoenix JPEG/JPG repair/recovery software. Although such error may be fixed manually but result will not be satisfactory or even can not be recovered or restored manually as this is the case of JPEG header missing. OK, you may try these following steps to restore your corrupted or damaged jpeg files suffering from “File contains error”:

Step 1.) Open the folder where your pictures are stored in Windows Explorer
Step 2.) Go to Tool==> Folder Option==> View
Step 3.) Disable ”Use simple file sharing”
Step 4.) Go to Properties option and find out both the files which are working or not. Now, you may try to fix the jpeg/jpg files which are not working and throwing “File contains error”.

Even if, you are unable to recover/repair your jpeg/jpg files then choose any third party JPEG recovery/repair utility. We are recommending to use Stellar Phoenix JPEG repair/recovery software.

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