How To Recover Corrupted/Deleted DWG File Format

By | January 28, 2019

Hello, I am Paul and I am an AutoCAD student. I have DWG files which were of my 2D and 3D drawings. One of my friends asked me to share these DWG files and I started browsing those files in my laptop. It was a very shocking experience for me when I found that some of my files were deleted while the rest of the files were corrupted. I have tried almost all the methods in order to recover those DWG files but was unable to do so. Those were the very important files of mine and I want to recover them as soon as possible. if anybody out there with an effective technique, then please help me to get rid of this situation. thanks in advance…

recover dwg file format

What is DWG File?

A DWG File is a database of 2D and 3D drawings which are created with AutoCAD which is a kind of a professional CAD program. The DWG File contains the vector image data and metadata which completely describes the contents of the file.  These files are related to DXF Files which are the American Standard (ASCII) Versions of the DXF Files.

The DWG files are basically used in the AutoCAD and it is also the native format of most CAD (Computer Aided Design) applications. the DWG files are too compatible with the CorelDRAW. The DWG files need some third-party software in order to access the files and there are so many online tools as well as third-party software which are available in the online market which will help the user in order to access the DWG files in an easy and efficient manner.

The Development of DWG Files

The DWG Files were designed and developed in late 1970 and in the year 1982 the DWG files are licensed with AutoDesk as the basis of AutoCAD. From the year 1982 to 2009, the DWG files revolutionized as the AutoDesk created so many versions of the AutoCAD. To get compatible with the latest version of AutoCAD, the DWG files also gets developed and designed.

The DWG files were the widely used format for CAD drawings. In the year 1988, the AutoDesk estimates that over 2 billion DWG files were in existence. Since many companies tried to reverse engineer the DWG files and some became unsuccessful while some were successful in trying to reach there. The DWG files get developed as the time passes and so the third party tools which were used in opening the DWG files.

How To Open DWG Files

There are so many third-party tools and online tools which are available on the internet which will help you in accessing the DWG files. The DWG files are the database of the 2D as well as the 3D drawings and that’s why it plays a quite important role in the designing and drawing. So, here we will talk about some tools which will help the user in order to open the DWG files in an easy and efficient manner.

Open DWG Files Through CorelDRAW

CorelDRAW is the perfect tool which is used in accessing the DWG files and they are widely used when it comes to open the DWG files. To open the DWG files through CorelDRAW, you have to perform the below steps:

  1. Launch CorelDRAW on the system
  2. Choose the File option and then go to Open
  3. FInd the desired DWG file which you want to open through CorelDRAW
  4. Select the File which you want to access
  5. Now Edit and Save the file and you will now access the DWG files through the help of CorelDraw

Open DWG Files Through Microsoft VISIO

You can also op[en the DWG files by using Microsoft Visio and below are the instructions which will help you in accessing the DWG files:

  1. Launch Microsoft Visio on the system.
  2. Choose the File option and then select the Open option.
  3. Now select AutoCAD Drawing (File Type)
  4. Select the DWG file which you want to open.
  5. You will then access the DWG file through the help of Microsoft Visio.

Apart from these third-party tools, there are so many online tools as well which is quite helpful in accessing and opening the DWG files in an easy manner. Some of the online tools which help in opening the DWG files are A360 Viewer and AutoCAD 360. 

To use these tools, the user just has to visit these websites and browse to the desired location where the DWG files are located. The process is quite easy and one can open the DWG file through these online tools.

How DWG Files Gets Corrupted/Deleted

Sometimes, the DWG files get plagued by different kinds of errors and infections which will then lead to the deletion as well as the corruption of the DWG Files. Here, we have the complete reasons which are behind the corruption and deletion of the DWG files:

  • Mistaken deletion of the DWG Files
  • The existence of the bad sectors of the memory card will also lead to the corruption of the DWG files
  • Formatting the card accidentally without even checking the card contents.
  • Header file of the DWG file format gets corrupted or deleted.
  • Malware infection is also the reason for corruption.
  • Overwriting of the DWG files may lead to the corruption of the file.
  • A random shutdown of the system is a reason for the corrupted DWG Files.

The above are some of the basic reasons which are behind the deletion as well as the corruption of the DWG files from the system or from the stored memory.

How To Recover/Restore The Deleted/Corrupted DWG Files?

There are so many manual methods as well as the automatic techniques which will help the user in recovering/restoring the deleted as well as the corrupted DWG files from the stored memory or computer. However, the manual methodologies are quite complex and time-consuming and they also need a geek level knowledge in order to recover the corrupted/deleted DWG files from the system.

To overcome these issues, we have a pro-tip as well which will recover the corrupted and deleted DWG files in some clicks. DWG File Recovery Software is the most powerful software which can recover the deleted/corrupted DWG files in some easy and effective clicks. The DWG File Recovery Software is also capable of wiping out all kinds of infections as well. Below is the download button of the software which is easy-to-use and easy-to-handle.


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