Effective Tips To Recover Deleted/Corrupted CDR Files

By | February 11, 2019

Hello, I am Edward and I have some documents stored in CDR Files. These documents are quite important and I saved them on my laptop. Recently when I was browsing through those files on my laptop, I have a horrible experience as all of my CDR files went missing and corrupted. I tried so many methods in order to recover those files but was unable to do so. If anybody out there with an effective technique then please help me to get rid of this situation as those CDR files contain text and other documents which are really very important for me. I am waiting for an effective solution…

CDR File Recovery

CDR FilesOverview

CDR Files is a drawing or also known as a Vector image is created by using CorelDRAW. CorelDRAW is a vector illustration and page layout program. This is a kind of document which contains text, lines, shapes, colors, effects, and images. CDR Files are a very important kind of files and it can be used by professionals as well as everyone because CDR Files are used to create various kinds of documents as well.  letters, brochures, tabloids, envelopes, postcards, web pages, and web banners are some of the documents which uses CDR Files.

CDR Files are created by the help of CorelDRAW and whenever you save your document in CDR Format, CorelDRAW creates a CDR Files to store the content of the document. One can save the CDR Files in CorelDRAW by going to file and then save. The CDR Files doesn’t support much many editing software but it can be exported to so many other formats like PDF, JPG, BMP, and, AI. One can save a CDR File as a template, and it can be then reusable again and again. To create a template of the CDR Files on have to go through a manual procedure in which one has to select File and then choose the Save as Template option in order to save the document as a template. The CorelDRAW saves the template in CDT File Format.

How To Open CDR Files

The CDR Files can be exported to some other formats which can be easily accessed by the computer by using some of the default programs. But, there are so many third-party apps as well which can eliminate the complexities of opening a CDR File. Below we will discuss all the tools which are required to open the CDR Files in an easy and effective manner.

For the Windows Operating System

If you are using Windows Operating System and you wish to open the CDR Files, then you can use these tools in order to open the file:

  • CorelDRAW Graphics Suite
  • Corel PaintShop Pro 2019
  • Corel WordPerfect X9
  • ideaMK CDR Viewer
  • ACD Systems Canvas X 2019

For MAC Users

  • Adobe Illustrator CC 2019
  • Inkscape
  • Bluetail CDRViewer

For Linux

  • Inkscape
  • sK1

The above is the complete list of the third-party tools which are used to open the CDR Files in an easy as well as effective manner. These tools are easy to use and easy to execute and can open the CDR files.

Key Features of CDR Files

The CDR Files are reusable and it consists of so many superb features as well as specifications. You can re-purpose and share your wonderful creations anywhere with the market-leading compatibility. Highly very useful in creating website banners, logos and more. It gives an output to a broad variety of media which is quite superb in creating striking marketing materials such as web graphics, billboards and more. It is tightly integrated with vector illustration, page layout, photo editing, tracing, animation and, web graphics.

Reasons For Corruption/Deletion Of CDR Files

There are so many reasons by which the CDR Files can be corrupted or deleted or lost. Here we will list out all kinds of reasons which infects and corrupts the CDR Files from the system. These reasons cause the CDR Files to get corrupted and whenever you try to access those files, then you get error messages and fake alerts on the screen.

  • Any improper operation on the system can affect the stored files as well.
  • Virus or malware infection can cause the loss or corruption of CDR Files from the system.
  • Accidental damage of deletion is also a reason.
  • Attempting to edit the CDR Files without following the appropriate steps.
  • Any third party recovery software can also be a reason for the loss of the files.
  • Compressing the CDR Files can cause the alteration of the file.
  • Bad sectors of the hard drive can cause the loss as well.
  • File overwriting can also be a reason.

So, the above are some of the major as well as minor reasons which cause the deletion, corruption, and loss of CDR Files from the computer. To recover these files we have so many manual techniques as well as automatic methods which will help in the recovery process. If we talk about the manual process, then as we all know that they are lengthy and time-consuming and needs advance computing knowledge in order to follow the instruction. However, to overcome this situation we have a superb automatic technique which can be done by using CDR File Recovery Software. This CDR File Recovery Software recovers all the deleted or corrupted or lost CDR Files in some easy and effective clicks.

The Pro Solution: CDR File Recovery Software

The CDR File Recovery Software is the most powerful tool when it comes to recovering the CDR Files from the system. This tool is highly effective in recovering the lost CDR files and contains some superb features which make the complex process easier. Below we have some special features of this tool which makes it splendid and tremendous.

  1. This tool is easy to install and easy to execute.
  2. The superb graphical user interface of the tool makes the complex task easier.
  3. Lightweight tool.
  4. Deep scan feature which finds out all the lost CDR Files.
  5. Compatible with all versions and types of operating system.
  6. CDR File Recovery Software recovers the lost and deleted CDR Files in some simple steps and effective clicks.

Below, we have the download link of the CDR File Recovery Software through which one can easily install the tool in the system and then start the process of recovery in an easy manner.

free download

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