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How To Retrieve Damaged PSD files In A Few Clicks

Complete Overview about PSD file PSD is known as a kind of image created or layered file which is commonly used in image editing application named Adobe Photoshop. It works as a standard file format which can be saved in form of .psd file extension. These days, it is commonly classified as an Adobe Photoshop… Read More »

Way to Recover Lost Data From Lexar Card

Lexar memory cards are the ultimate storage device for most modern electronics. This card is used in digital cameras, camcorders, cell phones, etc. It offers a variety of advanced options such as high data transfer capabilities, high-speed performance, and more. Despite these advanced features, however, the Lexar card can sometimes be damaged. Mostly the corruption… Read More »

How to Recover Deleted GIF Images From Device

GIF is short for Graphics Interchange Format. It is best to file format for creating Animated images on the web. You may have collected the number of GIF images downloaded from the Internet and stored on the system. Sometimes, the GIF files get corrupted or deleted from the system. Let’s discuss the reasons behind the… Read More »

An Overview On JPG Recovery Professional Lionsea Software

If you are facing problems regarding JPG images and is unable to recover them then you might need a professional software that can easily recover corrupted and damaged files. Try using JPG Recovery Professional by Lionsea Software. JPG Recovery Professional by Lionsea Software is a comprehensive JPG file recovery tool on major Windows operating system.… Read More »

Introduction To Picture Doctor : A JPEG Repair Tool

Does your photos and photoshop drawings stored on the hard drive have ever been damaged or corrupted? Cannot open photos and drawings with any software? Picture Doctor is a tool that will help you. Picture Doctor is a repairing software for damaged graphic file which can recover corrupted and damaged JPG and Adobe Photoshop PSD… Read More »

PowerPoint to Image Or Jpg Converter

PowerPoint to Image Or Jpg Converter is a converter that can very smoothly convert powerpoint documents into images. This application is a professional and easy to use document conversion tool. PowerPoint to Image Or Jpg Converter generates fully functional image documents with graphics, pictures along with original layout. This converter software is able to create… Read More »

Htm/Html to Image Jpg Converter

Suppose you have a situation where you want to display web pages in presentation, so you might be persuaded to take screen captures of the website. But it will capture only those content that is currently present on the computer screen. And if you want to capture the entire page, you have to take some… Read More »

Office Excel to Image Jpg/Jpeg Converter

Office Excel to Image Jpg/Jpeg Converter, an application that comes with a pretty self explanatory title. Office Excel to Image Jpg/Jpeg Converter helps you to convert spreadsheet or diagrams into more friendly and dynamic format like jpeg/ jpg because excel sheets are hard to distribute and the only way to make them more dynamic is… Read More »