Efficient Methods To Recover BPG Image Files From The Storage Device

By | February 21, 2019

Hello, I am Sam and I am a photographer. There are some image files which was saved in BPG Image File format Though, it is the best replacement for the JPEG files when the size and the quality is the major issue. I have those BPG Image File on my laptop and they were quite important for me. I was browsing those files in my laptop and it was a really very shocking experience for me when I found them missing. All those files were deleted and corrupted and so I tried many methods in order to recover but was unable to do so. If anyone here with an effective technique, then please help me to get rid of this situation. thanks in advance…

BPG Image Files Recovery

BPG Image File Overview

These file formats are the best alternative and replacement for the JPEG files when the quality and the size is an issue. The BPG Image Files are quite smaller than the JPEG files but the quality is similar to that of the JPEG files. BPG Image File stands for Better Portable Graphics and is widely used by the website developers as well as on the blogs and online contents. It is supported by almost all the web browsers with a small Javascript decoder (gzipped size: 76 KB). The BPG Image File supports the same chroma formats as JPEG which helps to reduce the losses during the compression & conversion. These BPG Image Files supports lossless compression and various metadata (such as EXIF) can also be included in it.

Features Of BPG Image Files

There are so many specifications and features associated with BPG Image Files. Below, we have the highlights of BPG Image Files. So let’s have a look:

  • High compression ratio through which the files became smaller than the JPEG files with similar quality.
  • BPG Image Files supported by most of the Web Browsers with a small JavaScript decoder and it helps in the fast loading of the websites.
  • It supports animation.

So, these are the major features of the BPG Image Files which make it out of the queue with other image file formats.

How To Open BPG Image Files

There are so many default as well as third-party programs which are quite helpful in opening the BPG Image Files. Let’s have a look at those tools which helps in opening BPG Image Files.

For Windows OS

If you a Windows user then tools like BPGviewer and Simple BPG Image Viewer will help you to open these image file formats in the easiest and efficient manner.

For Mac OS Users

If you are using a Linux Operating System, then tool like Simple BPG Image Viewer will help you in opening these BPG Image Files.

How BPG Image Files Get Corrupted or Deleted

There are so many reasons hides behind the deletion as well as the corruption of the BPG Image Files. We have the list of the reasons below:

  • Improper operation on the storage device.
  • Malware attack on the storage device where the BPG Image Files are located.
  • Accidental deletion of the files is also a reason for the loss.
  • Trying to edit these files without following the proper steps.
  • Third-party recovery software can also play a major role in the loss of BPG Image Files
  • Compressing the BPG Image Files can also cause the alteration of the file which can cause corruption.

The above are some of the biggest reasons for the deletion or corruption of the BPG Image Files.  It is highly recommended to safeguard these files from such kinds of operations.

Solutions To Recover BPG Image Files

There are so many solutions which will help in the recovery of BPG Image Files. Some of the solutions are manual while some are automatic and it is done by recovery software. However, we all know that the manual methods are quite lengthy, time-consuming and, complex. To complete these methods, one should also have advanced knowledge in order to perform the operations and instructions.

However, automatic methods are effective but there are so many tools on the web which spoofs the user and apart from recovering those files, it leads to the corruption of those files. These fake recovery tools are not good and healthy for the lost BPG Image Files and that’s why it is a huge concern of choosing the best image recovery tool which can easily recover the lost BPG Image Files.

The Pro-Level Solution: BPG Image File Recovery Software

The BPG File Recovery Software is the most powerful and user-friendly tool which can recover almost all kinds of BPG Image Files in an easy and some effective clicks. This BPG Image File Recovery Software can make the complex task easier and is compatible with almost all operating systems.

Here we have a highlight of this superb tool, so let’s have a look at it:

  1. This powerful tool is easy to install and easy to execute.
  2. This BPG Image File Recovery Software has a simple graphical user interface which guides the user in following the recovery process.
  3. Quite a lightweight tool.
  4. The deep scanning feature of this tool helps to dig out all the lost BPG Files.
  5. This powerful tool is compatible with almost all kinds of operating systems.
  6. The BPG Image File Recovery Software recovers all kinds of corrupted or deleted or lost BPG Files in some easy and effective clicks.

So, these are the basic highlights of the features of this tool. This software is recommended by experts when it comes to the recovery of lost BPG Image Files. Below, we have the download link of the BPG Image File Recovery Software from where you can download and install this tool for the purpose of BPG Image File Recovery.

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