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How to fix JPEG File Error code 0x80070522

JPEG is a well-known file format used to save high-quality images. While copying and viewing the recorded JPEG images into the system, you have to face various issues which are really made you panic. JPEG file error code 0x80070522 is one among them which occurs due to the malfunctioning of Windows operating system. After the appearance of this error, all the JPEG files become inaccessible. But you don’t have to worried about this. You can get a complete solution here. Let’s discuss the reasons due to which the JPEG File Error code 0x80070522 occurs.

JPEG File Error code 0x80070522

Common reasons for JPEG File Error code 0x80070522

There are various reasons Due to which JPEG File Error code 0x80070522 occur. Some of them are given below:

  • Incomplete installation or removal of the program.
  • Abrupt shutdown of Windows systems
  • Malicious malware or spyware infiltration.
  • Inappropriate firewall settings.
  • The SD card suddenly ejects while copying.
  • Share photo files improperly or through an infected network.
  • There is corruption in the header portion of the image file.
  • Other software or hardware issues.

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Tips to avoid JPEG File Error code 0x80070522

To avoid such errors in future and protect the JPEG files from permanent deletion. It is important to follow some tips:

  • Download the program from genuine websites.
  • Don’t try to share files on the suspicious network.
  • Properly shut down the system
  • Always maintain the backup of the files.
  • Avoid using format or delete option.
  • Always updates the firewall to decrease the chance of malware or virus attack.

About JPEG recovery Tool

JPEG recovery Tool is really an outstanding tool to fix JPEG file error code 0x80070522. Its advanced algorithms perform a full scan of issues that are responsible for a JPEG file error and try all possible steps to fix it. In addition to recovering errors, the tool also shows its effectiveness in the event of deletion or loss of photo files, also in case of serious corruption of an SD card, and so on. The trial version of the software is available free of cost. By using the trial version, the users can get a quick review of its license version.

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Way to Recover Lost Data From Lexar Card

Lexar memory cards are the ultimate storage device for most modern electronics. This card is used in digital cameras, camcorders, cell phones, etc. It offers a variety of advanced options such as high data transfer capabilities, high-speed performance, and more. Despite these advanced features, however, the Lexar card can sometimes be damaged. Mostly the corruption of the Lexar Card happens when its file system Breakdown.

Recover Lost Data From Lexar Card

Besides of file system breakdown, there are various circumstances due to which data loss takes place. Some of them are explained below:

  • Malicious Malware. Adware, Trojan, Spyware and virus etc that can corrupt corrupts all the data stored on the Card.
  • When you connect the Lexar card on the system through USB, it will ask you like “do You want to format it now”. If you accidentally press format button then card contain all the data will wash away.
  • While transferring data from Lexar card to the PC, the users remove the Lexar Card abnormally when it connected to the PC can leads to the data corruption.
  • Apart from this, software failure, bad sector on the card and rough use of the card can also lead to the corruption.
  • All of the above-mentioned causes are the main reasons for the data corruption in Lexar card. If you also lost data from the Lexar card.

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In such condition, an available backs up of the data will help you. If you don’t have maintained backups and searching for best and reliable tool to restore data. Then there is the best software for your that will help you in retrieving your lost data. Lexar Card Recovery software. It is best and professional tool that helps you to recover all the lost data. It is compatible with all the version of Mac and Windows operating system. It can GUI interface that makes the software easy to use for the novice user. The best thing about the software is that it does not compromise with the quality of the data. Download the trial version of the software to get the quick review of the software.


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What is JPEG Error 41 and How to Resolve It

A file With .jpeg file extension is JPEG file image. JPEG is a short form of joint Photography Expert Group. JPEG is mostly used to store or transfer photos on the web. JPEG files are mostly used due to its compression algorithm that decreases the size of the file. Sometimes, the users encounter JPEG Error 41 messages on the screen. JPEG Error 41 is usually displayed during program updates and also when running Windows Update. This error also occurs during Windows startup or shutdown.

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Causes for the JPEG Error 41

There are various causes behind the generation of JPEG error 41, explaining all of them is a difficult task. But, for its simplicity, some of the common causes are given below:

  • Incomplete installation of the program.
  • Dangerous malware or virus attack.
  • Remove SD card while transferring photos.
  • Software issue
  • Unusual shut down of the Windows.

All the above-mentioned reasons are the main cause of this error. If you are also getting this error then don’t worry. It is possible to fix this issue with the help of JPEG Photo Recovery Software.

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How to fix JPEG Error 41

In all types of JPEG image errors, you can see that there is raw data that never dies. If you want a temporary solution without getting a JPEG photo recovery software, you need to import the row images data from the sacrificial image and modify the settings and extensions. Unfortunately, this manual solution does not solve the problem completely. You need an advance professional JPEG image recovery software such as Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery Software.

Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery Software is a simple and professional tool that can resolve all the error related to the JPEG file. It is compatible with both Mac and Windows OS. The best part of this software is that it does not compromise with the quality of the recovered data. Just download the trial version of the software to fix this error.

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{GUIDE} How to Fix JPEG Error 36 Easily

JPEG stands for “Joint Photographic Experts Group”. It is the well-known file format. It is mostly used by the digital camera to store photos. Many time while accessing the JPEG file, the user has to face a critical situation which really made you panic. JPEG Error 36 is one of them which really caused due to the malfunctioning of the windows system. If you also get this error messages then you don’t have to be worried, because you have reached the right place. Where you will get all the information regarding JPEG Error 36 and also get a solution to fix this error.

JPEG Error 36

Causes for JPEG Error 36

There are various reasons due to which JPEG Error 36 occurs. Some of them are given below:

    • Incomplete installation of application or program.
    • Unusual shut down of the system
    • Improper firewall setting.
    • The bad part of SD card
    • Corruption in the header part of the image file.
    • Malicious malware or virus attack.

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Tips to Prevent JPEG Error 36 in Future

To avoid such type of situation or protect you saved files, you need to follow some prevention tips:

  • Install program and application from trusted sites.
  • Properly shut down the system
  • Avoid sharing files on the malicious network
  • Always store a proper backup of files.
  • Update firewall to decrease the chance of malware attack.

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Way to fix JPEG Error 36

Due to lack of awareness, the users fail to create backups of their files. If you don’t have any backup then don’t worry. You can recover all the files with the help of JPEG recovery tool. It is reliable and advances recovery tool. It is compatible with all the versions of Mac or Windows computer system. It recovers all the JPEG file that get corrupts or damaged due to any reason. It is very easy to use for novice users. It is available at the low cost but high performance. The demo version of the software is available free of cost. By using the demo version, the users can easily get the review of its license version.

How to Recover BMP Images From SD card

Bitmap images are commonly known as BMP files. This is a very common picture file format for compatibility with most devices. It is very light weighted, easy to transfer and upload on the web. BMP files are not compressed that why they are large. The main benefit of BMP file is the simplicity and wide acceptance of Windows programs. Sometimes, there is a chance to delete or corrupts Files accidentally.

Common Reasons for the corruption or deletion of BMP File

There are various reasons due to which your memorable BMP photos get corrupts or deleted from SD card. Some of the common reasons are discussed below:

  • Due to malicious malware or virus attack
  • Due to storage media corrupts, the files become inaccessible
  • Mishandling of the device
  • Accidentally pressing “Delete All” or “Shift+Del” button.
  • Unusual shut down of a device while read/write operation

All the above-mentioned reason are the main cause of BMP photos loss. Recovering files is one of the major problems faced by the users. If you have a backup of all the photos then it is not a big problem for you. But if you have not the back up then don’t worry, it is also possible to recover those files without backup. It is only possible with  Photo recovery software

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 Photo recovery software

Photo recovery software is the best solution to recover BMP files. It is an advanced professional tool. It is effective and can able to recover lost or delete data easily. It can easily recover lost photos, videos, and others from various devices. It can fix corrupts Photos recovered from corrupts storage media. It can repair multiple files simultaneously. It extracts thumbnails of severely damaged files. It is compatible with all the versions of the Windows Operating system such as 7/8/8.1/10 etc. If you want to recover BMP files then download its trial version. But the trial version has some limitation. It only shows the preview of recovered files. It does not allow to save them. If you want to save the recover files then buy it complete version.

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How to Recover Deleted GIF Images From Device

GIF is short for Graphics Interchange Format. It is best to file format for creating Animated images on the web. You may have collected the number of GIF images downloaded from the Internet and stored on the system. Sometimes, the GIF files get corrupted or deleted from the system. Let’s discuss the reasons behind the corruption or deletion of these files.

GIF Images

Causes For the Deletion or Corruption of GIF Images

There are various reasons due to which the GIF images can get damage. Some of them are given below:

  • Transfer Interruption: while transferring GIF files to the other device from the system may lead to files loss if usual shut down occurs during installation.
  • Mishandling of devices: The device like the camera which stored pictures are handled properly. Otherwise, there is a high chance of losing GIF files from the camera.
  • Drive Format: If the drive on the computer is accidentally format then all the GIF file which is stored on the drive also deleted.
  • Empty Recycle Bin: If you delete all the files from the Recycle Bin using “Empty Recycle Bin” option without checking its content. Then all the data from the recycle bin is deleted along with GIF files.
  • Malicious malware or virus attack: if your system is infected with malicious virus then it will cause data loss.

All the above causes are the prime reasons for the deletion of GIF files. The GIF files may also lose due to card corruption, faulty card reader and so on. Whatever may be reasons, The Photo Recovery software will help you to recover delete GIF files in just a few minutes.

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About Photo Recovery software

Photo Recovery software is best and advance solution to get delete GIF files back. This software supports a recovery of different file format from memory card, Hard drive, and other storage devices. It can recover password protected data. It is easy to use for novice users. The best part of this software is that it cannot compromise with the quality of the files. If you lost GIF files then download the Trial version of this software

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How to Recover PNG Photos From Digital Camera

Hello friends! Recently, while trying to transfer some PNG files to the computer. I accidentally Deleted all the PNG files From the Camera. Many of those files are very important for me. Do you have any solution to get back those files? If yes then suggest me the best way to recover those files easily.

Now these days, everybody has a digital camera or similar electronic device to take videos and photos. You don’t need any film to take photos. The digital camera takes photos in PNG file format or another file format. It depends on the manufacture of the camera. The captured photos are stored on the SD card easily but it is also easy to lose pictures from any storage media.

Recover PNG Photos

Causes For The Deletion of PNG File

There are various reasons behind the deletion or corruption of PNG files from the camera. Some of them are listed below.

  • Unintentionally formatting the SD card leads to the PNG files loses
  • PNG files can be lost due to transfer error while transferring them to other devices.
  • PNG files saved on the camera corrupted due to the system crash or Application malfunctioning
  • PNG files can be deleted or corrupted due to dangerous virus attacks
  • accidentally deleted PNG files while accessing other files.

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These are the various reasons due to which PNG files get corrupted or deleted. If you have lost your important PNG files from the camera then don’t worry you can restore them back. If you have a proper backup of all the lost PNG files then it is not a big deal for you. But if you have not then you have only one way to recover those files. Take the help of PNG file recovery software.

PNG Recovery software:

PNG Recovery Software is the only one and advanced tool that recovery PNG files easily. It has the ability to recover any types of files from a storage device such as JPG, JPEG, TGA, WMF, DCX, SID etc. you can use this software on all storage device. It is easy to use for a novice user. The trial version of this software is available free of cost but it has some limitation such as you can only allow to see the preview of recover files not to save them. If you want to save them then you have to buy the full version of the software.

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How to Fix JPEG “invalid image” Error in Easiest Way

When i try to open JPEG photos then it displays “invalid image” error. These photos are extremely precious for me and i don’t want to lose them at any cost. Is there any powerful recovery tool which can restore my photos? I am eagerly waiting for your response. All the suggestions will be highly appreciated. Thank you so much in advance.


Many users are encountering JPEG “invalid image” error at the time of accessing their memorable photos. However, it is only a loss of memories for the common people. For a professional photographer, it is a huge loss because it will affect their business. Nobody wants to face such situation but it can happen anytime with anyone. There are several reasons which are responsible for such error messages. It mostly appeared when photos gets damaged or corrupted severely. Let’s discuss the main factors.

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Causes of JPEG Corruption:-

  • Capturing images when battery is low.
  • Virus attack in the device.
  • Ejecting the memory card while transferring the photos.
  • Broken header of the JPEG files.
  • Unwanted bad sectors in the hard disk.

But users should know that now it is possible to repair the damaged photos as well as restore the deleted files. To get back your precious photos easily, you need to make use of JPEG Recovery Software. It is one of the best tools which use powerful algorithms to perform deep scanning in the PC. After the successful process, it will recover all the files in just few minutes. You can use the software to restore photos from memory card, pen drives, laptops, mobile phones etc. It is compatible with Windows as well as Mac operating system. Apart from JPEG, it will also help to recover the photos of different formats also. The best part of the software is that it comes with user-friendly interface which can be used by the professionals as well as novice users.

Salient Key Features of JPEG Recovery Software:-

  • Displays exact thumbnails of the corrupted photos.
  • Shows previews of the files which can be recovered.
  • Supports easy-to-use interface.
  • Allows the users to save the recovered files at their desired location.
  • Comes with improved scanning engine.

So, don’t make any delay in downloading the software if you really want to restore the photos of your memorable moments.

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An Overview On JPG Recovery Professional Lionsea Software

If you are facing problems regarding JPG images and is unable to recover them then you might need a professional software that can easily recover corrupted and damaged files. Try using JPG Recovery Professional by Lionsea Software.

JPG Recovery Professional by Lionsea Software is a comprehensive JPG file recovery tool on major Windows operating system. It is quite able to locate and restore lost and deleted files from the computer system. Browsing for lost and corrupted and damaged file has now become easy with the use of JPG Recovery Professional. JPG Recovery Professional holds user’s hand at every step of the critical stage. It can very easily and efficiently recover lost, deleted and corrupted JPG images. Even though the files are severely damaged, it can be retrieved provided that files have not been overwritten.

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This effective tool has enormous capability to recover damaged JPG files irrespective of the storage media. The image files stored on any platform like SD card, memory card, hard disk and any type of storage media can be retrieved. With the impressive care and details offered by JPG Recovery Professional at each step of the process, allows users to utilize powerful file recovery capabilities to repair their lost JPG files. This tool enables to recover files from empty Recycle Bin, lost due to hard drive crash, virus infection causing file corruption, formatted or damaged hard drive and some other reasons. Interestingly, this software deeply explains each step with an important message containing information about saving recovered files to a location other than the disk they are being recovered from including hard drive, USB drive, network share or other situation.

Some exotic features of JPG Recovery Professional

  • It can repair JPG files from any type of storage device and completely fixes unreadable format of files.
  • It can extract embedded thumbnails of corrupted files without compromising visual fidelity.
  • It has optimized and fast canning process with some improved features.
  • Enables you to save recovered files wherever you want.
  • It provides preview of repaired JPG files after the scan process so that you can check inconsistencies in the recovered images.
  • It has easy to use along with intuitive interface.

Supported platform – Windows 7, Windows 95/98/ME, Windows NT/2000, Windows NT/2000/2003/SBS2003, Windows Vista, Windows XP

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Introduction To Picture Doctor : A JPEG Repair Tool

Does your photos and photoshop drawings stored on the hard drive have ever been damaged or corrupted? Cannot open photos and drawings with any software? Picture Doctor is a tool that will help you.

Picture Doctor is a repairing software for damaged graphic file which can recover corrupted and damaged JPG and Adobe Photoshop PSD files and save them into BMP format. This software will help you in restoring all your those memories which you have lost. It is a best solution which is able to recover JPEG and PSD file formats. Also, it can not only repair JPEG files but saves them in BMP format. Recovery process is very simple and retains original dimensions and palette of photos. It is designed to repair all kinds of damage occurring to JPEG or PSD file, fix any graphic failure of images prohibiting from viewing it. What’s more, it has an intuitive interface which makes it convenient to operate.

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Picture Doctor aims to restores layers data for PSD files and possesses a batch mode enabling it to recover multiple damaged images in one go. Further, it allows you to recover following types of files : JPEG (EXIF, JFIF) and PSD ( Adobe Photoshop 3, 4, 5, CS-CS5). It has easy and quick recovery and running on Windows PC. There is no complications about the interface. JPEG and PSD are supported as an input and BMP as an output. Picture Doctor is proved to be an useful piece of software with its comprehensive content, good response time and user-friendly environment.

For recovery procedure, all you need to do is to perform few clicks and rest of the job will be done for you by Picture Doctor. It does not require any technical skills to use it.

Several features of Picture Doctor

  • JPEG image repair service at home
  • Recover JPEG and PSD file formats as well
  • Facilitates recovery of images to their original dimensions and palette
  • Provides batch processing multiple images
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Can repairs layer data for PSD images
  • Safe and secure softwares

Supported Windows platform – Windows 7, Windows 95/98/ME, Windows NT/2000, Windows NT/2000/2003/SBS2003, Windows Vista, Windows XP

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