#53 error while playing JPEG files

By | November 17, 2016

#53 error creates a lot of blunder as JPEG file error, need immediate action to find any reliable JPEG recovery software.

What is #53 error?

‘#53 error’ is defined for a system file error that occurs in Windows/Mac or iOS(Apple) while playing JPEG/JPG files, due to failure of device security check. More over, it is a Touch ID related JPEG error which is mostly seen in iPhone 6 and iPhone 7. This is one of the problem that has been bricking the entire community of iPhone. It is directly related to the root files and directories which are accidentally deleted from their string on 32 or 64-bit system

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What is the reason behind “#53 error”?

‘#53 error’ is very torturous in nature. Following are the reason behind the birth of such errors:

  • Malfunctioning of the data files: If your system files in Microsoft Windows or Mac etc. do not meet the minimum runnable execution code then it results in the malfunctioning of the data files which is responsible for the corruption of computer, laptop or other.

  • Use of duplicate cable or home button: Such case arises in case of iPhone and other Smartphone with ID bases security. This is increasing day by day as new and latest Smartphone arrives in market.

  • Incomplete installation: If your previous installation of related files or application was interrupted

  • Incomplete deletion of files: This error may occur if you have not deleted any equipment or utility completely, which will be called as Bad deletion.

  • Virus infection: If your computer or device is infected with virus or any malicious program.

  • Improper shutdown: If you have carried out a proper shutdown process i.e. system has not been shut down in the right way.

How to recover/repair your JPEG file accused of #53 Error?

‘#53 Error’ can be fix manually or automatically. However manual process requires a lot of technical knowledge/skill and incomplete too, that’s why this one is risky to handle. Let us elaborate you the manual and automatic process.

Manual method of fixing ‘#53 Error’:

Step 1. Login as Administrator on system boot

Step 2. ==> Start button ==> Click on ‘Programs’ ==> Click on Accessories ==> Choose ‘System tools

Step 3. ==> Click on ”Restore option”

Step 4. ==> Select ‘Restore my computer to a previous time’

Step 5. ==> It will start restoring and restart your computer on finishing the restore task

Automatic method of fixing ‘#53 Error’: This method is more secure and easy to process. Use JPEG recovery software like Stellar Phoenix to fix it authentically for Windows/Mac/Android/iOS etc.

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