5 Tools to Repair Corrupted JPEG Photos and Images

By | February 6, 2017

Is there any software available that can repair corrupted photos? Having deleted some photos, you now need to recover them but cannot because you do not have a perfect tool to repair it!! you can recover lost or corrupted JPEG photos using one of the software listed below.

JPEG photos are most widely used and are prone to corruption or damage as well. Clicking photos have become a trend for everyone with advanced image capturing devices like mobile phones, tablets, digital cameras, etc. People hardly lose any moment to capture photos. Wherever and whatever they are doing, they used to click photos anytime. JPEG is most widely used standard format for saving images occupying less storage space that is why most of the images are saved in this format. This facilitates users to download and click more and more images.

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However, your photos can be damaged and corrupted due to some unfavorable factors. And any corruption or damage or deletion of jpeg photos forbids you from accessing them. Those photos may include your memorable moments, important pictures which means losing them can create havoc for you. Due to corrupted or damaged photos, you will not be able to open them in any image viewer application like Windows Photo Viewer. It will prompt an error message like

“ Windows Photo Viewer can’t open this picture because file appears to be damaged, corrupted or too large.”

Corruption can occur due to virus infection, interruption while transferring photos from one device to another, corrupt storage media, hardware and software problem and many other.

Tools to repair corrupt JPEG files

There are several JPEG repair tools are listed below to repai corrupt images. These are :

Stellar JPEG Repair – this software claims to repair corrupt and damage jpeg photos and images even if they are completely unreadable. It offers embedded thumbnails to be repaired and saved. It is very powerful tool for repairing jpeg images.

File Repair – it is a fast and stable with no ads. It is capable of repairing corrupted and deleted jpeg photos. It can very impressively scan corrupt jpeg files and fix number of errors.

VG JPEG-Repair – it is a German utility tool that helps in repairing broken, corrupt and deleted images that don’t work because of corrupt head, corrupt data and invalid structure.

RS File Repair – it can repair damage, corrupt, incomplete files and deleted jpeg pictures. It can make your images viewable again.

JPEG Recovery Pro – it is a handy tool to repair corrupt pictures.

However, Stellar Phoenix JPEG Repair software is best among all the recovery software and most effective in repairing jpeg images.

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